Why do the keypads at drive-up ATMs have Braille dots?


Why is the price of going to see a bad movie the same as the price of going to see a good movie?


Why is the price of an airline ticket purchased at the last minute much higher than one purchased two weeks in advance, while the price of a ticket to a Broadway show purchased at the last minute is much lower than one purchased in advance?


Why has the size of grocery store shopping carts increased steadily over the past 30 years?


Why do brides spend thousands of dollars on a dress they will wear only once, while grooms rent a tuxedo even though they could potentially wear one many times?


Why do tall people earn more than short people?


Why do dry cleaners charge more to clean and press a womanís blouse than a manís shirt?


Why do top female models make more than top male models, but top male actors make more than top female actors?


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