Bernard Mandeville, The Grumbling Hive, 1705


Reading Notes



Lines 1-6: What was the condition of the Hive?




Lines 31-34: What caused this condition?




Lines 45-58: What were the inhabitants of the Hive engaged in?




Lines 59-70: How did the Lawyers behave?




Lines 71-84: How did the Physicians behave?




Lines 85-100: How did the Priests behave?




Lines 139-154: How did the Judges behave?




Lines 155-168: What did these kinds of behavior lead to?




Lines 177-203: Is Vice a Good Thing or a Bad Thing? Why?




Lines 204-225: How did the inhabitants of the Hive feel about their condition?





Lines 226-231: What did Jove (God) do in response?




Lines 242-390: What was the result of this change?




Lines 405-408: Where did the bees wind up?




The Moral: What is the Moral of the story?