Reading Notes


Adam Smith

The Wealth of Nations

Plan of the Work and Book I, Chapter 1


General Stuff

What is the full title of this book?


When was it published?



Introduction and Plan of the Work


[1]-[2]  What is the wealth of a nation? (That is, how is the wealth of a nation measured?)



[3] What two circumstances determine the wealth of a nation, other things being equal? (That is, what is wealth “regulated by”?)



[4] Of these two, which “seems to” be more important? What example does Smith give to support his argument?



[5] What is the first subject Smith plans to address in the Wealth of Nations?



[6] What determines the number of those employed in useful labor?




Book I, Chapter 1


[1] What has caused the greatest increase in the productive powers of labor?



[2] How does Smith propose to show the effects of the division of labor?



[3] What does the example of the pin factory show?



[4] Is the pin factory a special case?



[5]–[8] Why does the division of labor lead to an increase in productivity?




[10]-[11] What is the result of the increase in productivity created by the division of labor?